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about Rom-related websites (quoted from americangypsy.com):

"Since the Rom are a truly international people, the world wide web has proven an ideal tool for them to keep in contact with each other. There are hundreds of websites, chatrooms and e-mail lists operating in Romani and/or the language of their home country. Here are a few different sites (mainly in English) which provide an overview of Romani culture, history, politics, language, music and plain everyday life. Most of these sites have links to other sites if you want to take your research further."

Newest Web Resources

GypsyTown.com - "GypsyTown.com™ is a Romani community where you can find Roma friends, shop at the Gypsy store, & learn about everything Roma."

NRADO - National Romani Anti-descrimination Organization. Focuses on defending against slurs and other racist behavior against Romani people, especially in North America.

List-servers and Discussion Groups

Roma_in_Americas - Yahoo Group - Hosted by Prof. Ian Hancock, Roma_in_Americas features discussions of the Romani experience, plus news and personal reports about things observed and happening both here and abroad.

Roma_Daily_News - Yahoo Group - "Cultural, political and other news from Roma communities around the world."

Khere - Adopted Roma and Families Information Network (KARFIN) - This Yahoo Group, moderated by a Romani woman and another adoptive mother with close ties to Roma, is primarily intended for adoptive and foster parents... a VoR project


Romani Archives and Documentation Center (RADOC) - at University of Texas, the leading USA facility for Romani Studies (under the direction of Ian Hancock)

Mundi Romani - the world through Roma eyes - documentary series by Roma film maker Katalin Barsony, co-produced by Duna Television Hungary and the Romedia Foundation

Gypsy Lore Society - Scholarly association, founded 1888, however, controversial among Romanies.

ROMLEX - Romani lexical database - massive online vocabulary - 27 dialects, translations to 16 other languages, 121758 words and word-fragments.   romani.kfunigraz.ac.at/romlex/

Patrin Web Journal - the oldest web resource, since 1996...

Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma

Toronto Roma Community Centre

Amala School - school for Romani culture - Galbeno, Serbia

Little Dust Productions - film makers for "Gypsy Caravan" and "American Gypsy"

Esma Redzepova-Teodosievski ("Esma") - Beloved Macedonian singer and humanitarian. Appx. 63 albums

News and Political Organizations

Romanian National Office for Roma

Institute for Race Relations (UK) - "Educating for Racial Justice,"search archive for Roma and Gypsy news reports

Romano Them/Chachipe - aim of this website is to inform about the situation of Roma in Kosovo and Kosovo Roma in Diaspora

Rroma - focusing on the situation in the Southern Europe and Hungary

Rom News Network - from Germany, large archive of news reports, currently intermitantly active

Roma Center for Social Intervention and Studies - website in Romanian (Centrul Romilor pentru Interventie Sociala si Studii)

Amnesty International

Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe - US Helsinki Commission

Dom Research Center - Middle East and North African Gypsy studies

European Roma Rights Center

Human Rights Watch

International Movement Against All Forms of Descrimination and Racism - "empowerment, solodarity, advocacy"

Open Society Institute and Soros Foundations Network

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

Project on Ethnic Relations - dedicated to reducing inter-ethnic conflict in Central and Eastern Europe and in the former Soviet Union

Dženo Association (CZ) - independent Roma media news and information service

Roma Press Center - in Hungarian

Balkan Human Rights - Roma page (items older than 11-2004)

Union Romani - in Spanish

Holocaust - Porrajmos (other links often have info on this topic)

Holocaust - Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma

"Genocide Of European Roma (Gypsies), 1939-1945" - article in online Holocaust Encyclopedia, University of Minnesota

"Jewish Responses to the Porrajmos" - article at Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies, University of Minnesota

Links from americangypsy.com

DMOZ open directory - comprehensive lists of Rom-related sites clearly organized in all categories: arts, education, news etc.

Romani Org homepage - lots of links and historical / political essays

Gypsies and Travellers, books published by the University of Hertfordshire Press

CD lists - an incomplete list of generally available Romani music

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Roma/Gypsies

The Romany Language

The Roma: Myth and Reality by Ian Hancock

We are Roma and Not Gypsies by Zara Russell

Assaults on Truth and Memory: Holocaust Denial in Context by Ward Churchill

Roma Around the World:

Canadian journal about Romani events and culture - Romani Lil

Czech Republic Roma - a comprehensive and regularly updated website run by a team from Radio Prague

French site dedicated to Romani culture - Balval

Hungarian Romani website

Italian website about Roma worldwide

Spanish site about Roma - Union Romani

Swedish Roma - a small website with a couple of essays.

Human Rights Watch: Abuses Against Serbs and Roma In the New Kosovo

The Gypsies of Kosovo

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