International Roma Day
San Francisco
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Crossing the Borders!
Friday April 1, 2011 (no foolin') Tickets Map

Independent - 628 Divisadero Street - 415-771-1421
dance lesson 8:30 pm, show at 9:00 - 21 and over - $20

Concert and Live Music Dancing - featuring Rupa & the April Fishes, Rumen Sali Shopov & Soul of the Mahala (Rumen Sali Shopov, Chris Bajmakovich, Blagoja Smillevski, Peter Jaques, Benji Rifati), backed up by DJ Zeljko. Kicks-off at 8:30 with lesson in Roma Fusion Dancing, lead by Sani Rifati and his Mahala Blaster.

About International Roma Day

International Roma Day (April 8) was officially declared in 1990 in Poland, during the fourth World Romani Congress in honor of the first major international meeting of Roma representatives, 7-12 of April, 1971 in London, UK. Since then Roma around the globe celebrate our social origins, language, culture, unity, and in particular, romipen (preservation of Rom identity) near the date of the original gathering.

VOR held San Francisco's first annual International Roma Day event in 2000. In addition to romipen, our goals are to introduce audiences to and provide performing opportunities for renowned Romani performing artists, create a gathering place for Romani and other immigrant and refugee communities, and raise awareness about the human rights issues faced by Roma in today's world. In particular, we focus on education regarding the dire circumstances of the Roma in and from Kosovo.

Romani traditional culture around the world and specifically in the U.S. is weakening. Old neighborhood communities, so nourishing to the culture, are disintegrating. Many young Roma don't do traditional dances, and some young Roma don't even share a language with previous generations of their families. This erosion of cultural identity and collective memory could easily result in the loss of Roma artistic expression and traditions that are infused with hundreds of years of history. VOR's International Roma Day celebration events respond directly to this need. The artists and Roma participants reconnect through their participation, strengthening ties to their culture and preserving the artistic expression of our people.

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